Who is our target audience?

We are looking for Black bilingual anglophone Montrealers in the search of employment.

Why do you only accept Black jobseeker's CVs?

EmployESBC is a Venture that is managed by the Black Community Resource Centre (BCRC) in Côte-des-Neiges, Montréal. Our mandate is to help members of the Black community, an underserved community in Québec, to improve their lives in a variety of ways by providing the necessary resources. By focusing on helping members of the Black community find employment, we are directly bridging a racial and linguistic underemployment gap that exists in Quebec.

Can I still register if I already have a job?

Of course you can! Our aim is to help you find sustainable and meaningful employment.  

How do I apply?

You can either upload your CV and personal information onto our website (as with any other job site) and submit your information on the application itself,


Should there be a direct link associated with the posting, you can input your information there (just make sure to let the Recruitment Coordinator know at rc@bcrcmontreal.com).

Are the jobs vacancies for the BCRC itself?
No, the jobs we upload come from a variety of different companies and corporations. We act as a liaison. Should there be a vacancy in our staff, then we will upload a job posting with the necessary information.
I saw a job for which I would love to apply, but I don’t meet some of the qualifications. What should I do?
We encourage you to apply even if some of the qualifications don’t necessarily match the job posting itself. Sometimes, employers add extra qualifications that they would appreciate, but aren’t necessary for the job. Take a chance!

If you’re still unsure, contact the Recruitment Coordinator via email to evaluate your options at rc@bcrcmontreal.com.

I am an immigrant with a work visa/permanent residence, but I am not a citizen. Can I still apply for jobs?

Of course! If the legal paperwork you have allows you to be employed in Canada, then you are more than welcome to register with us and apply for the jobs you want!

I want to collaborate with EmployESBC/the BCRC, but I don’t need to apply for a new job. How do I get in touch?

We’re happy to know that you want to work with us! You can email the Recruitment Coordinator directly at rc@bcrcmontreal.com (with “Potential Collaboration” in the title) for more information.

Do you offer any upskilling courses in French, technology or etc.?
We collaborate with many organizations that can provide you with a booster on the skills you might need help with! Feel free to look at our events page to see if we are hosting anything related to the skills you want to improve. If not, feel free to email the Recruitment Coordinator for more information at rc@bcrcmontreal.com.