About Us

Employ English Speaking Black Communities (ESBC) is an initiative by the  Black Community Resource Centre (BCRC) and Community Economic Development and Employability Corporation (CEDEC). EmployESBC’s goal is to match English-speaking Black Quebecers with employers needing to fill forward-looking quality positions in:

  • Éducation
  • Finance
  • santé
  • Administration publique
  • Technologique

CEDEC and the BCRC work with Sobeys, The English Montreal School Board and Una Buro as Venture partners for this initiative.

Mission: To provide immediate employment for English-speaking Black talent that can be placed in available jobs in the Greater Montreal Area.

Vision: To allow employers who want to take advantage of untapped English-speaking Black talent, to diversify their teams and fill positions within their organizations.

Why EmployESBC?

► The Black struggle in Canada has been, unlike most other immigrants,  one in which the Black community has occupied the bottom rungs of all the various layers: search for an identity; search for a sense of belonging, equal access, representation, participation, etc.

► According to the 2016 Canadian Census the unemployment rate of the English-Speaking Black Community (ESBC) was 13.5% but the total population was 7.2%. 

► With the same educational attainment, members of the Black community in Quebec are significantly more likely to be unemployed and have a significantly lower median income.

► 2000 and 2016 employment and education data from Census Canada shows that  whether a Black person was born here or outside of Canada  and came here; whether the person has a degree, a certificate, a diploma, a trade or none of the above; whether the person is young or old, male or female that he or she would be more likely than a White person to have lived out his or her life exposed to low incomes, and unemployment.