About us

Employ English Speaking Black Communities (ESBC) is an initiative by the Black Community Resource Centre (BCRC) and Community Economic Development and Employability Corporation (CEDEC). EmployESBC’s goal is to match English-speaking Black Quebecers with employers needing to fill forward-looking quality positions in

  • Education
  • Finance
  • Health Care
  • Public  Administration
  • Technology


The objective of EmployESBC is to enable businesses to fill vacant positions with English-speaking Black Quebecers that are educated and/or have experience in specific fields. As all event participants will be preselected, you are guaranteed to find candidates with the skills and qualifications that your business requires.

Why hire within the English-speaking black community (ESBC)

  • Your business will have access to the ESBC, a population that is bilingual and has a level of high educational attainment. A few advantages of hiring within the ESBC is that your business will drive employee’s feeling of belonging, foster varied perspectives, generate stronger brainstorming ideas and boost their global reputation.

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Benefits For Employers

►A diversified workforce.

►ESBC shows upward
trend for educational attainment.

►ESBC is strongly bilingual.

►Improves profits and revenue

►Deploy hiring policies or procedures to increase diversity.

►Fill open positions.

Benefits For Jobseekers

►Workshops on how to build and write résumés.

►LinkedIn workshop.

►An opportunity to engage with employers needing to fill forward-looking quality positions.

EmployESBC 2022 event
Date: TBA
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